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Racking Systems

Racking Systems

Adjustable pallet racking (APR) is designed specifically for the storage of palletised goods.

Standard APR is the most widely used of all palletised storage systems. Each pallet location is directly accessible and requires no specialised handling equipment. The aisle widths, dependent on the type of truck operated, can vary considerably.

Using counterbalance trucks – the most stable truck to work inside and outside the building – aisles can be as wide as 3.5m.

Developed specifically for warehousing, reach trucks will operate in aisles reduced to approximately 2.5m. If articulated fork trucks, such as Bendi® or Flexi® trucks are used, the aisle width can be reduced to as narrow as 1.6m.

Specialist very narrow aisle (VNA) trucks can operate in an even narrower aisle and can be wire or rail guided.

With APR, the same basic components can be arranged to create four alternative systems:-

1. Narrow Aisle or VNA

Aisles as narrow as 1380mm (truck dependent) – give high density usage of space with each pallet being accessible.

2. Drive-in

Very dense storage achieved when ‘first in/last out’ (FILO) bulk stocked items are stored. Each lane emptied top to bottom and front to back.

3. Push Back

Works on the same system as drive-in (FILO) but allows individual levels to be accessed whilst others in the rack are full, so mixed stock can be stored up to five pallets deep.

4. Double Deep

FILO but double the capacity with half the aisles – a double deep fork truck is required.

5. Pallet Live

A first in, first out (FIFO) system, pallet live racking is designed to store materials on pallets in horizontal rows with multiple levels.  It provides dynamic, high density storage with minimal fork truck aisles and very efficient stock control.

All our racking systems can be turned into mobile storage systems, including mobile pallet racking. Most of our storage systems can also be constructed as multi-tiered solutions.