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Pallet Conveyors

Pallet Conveyors

A pallet floor conveyor is a heavy-duty materials handling system used to carry large or weighty products mounted onto pallets. It is a durable and versatile transportation device that can move a wide variety of load weights and sizes with relatively high throughput rates.

The versatility of the pallets allows them to be used in almost any industry as they can be adapted to various shapes and sizes, reaching nominal roller speeds of up to 10 -12m per minute. Throughput rate of the pallets is determined by the user, as it is dependent on the spacing between pallets whilst on the conveyor.

Whether used as simple gravity storage lanes, in-feed and out-feed lanes to other machinery and strappers or as an integrated handling system, pallet conveyors provide a cost effective alternative to forklift trucks. Empty pallet return conveyor systems are also available. These are usually the same type of conveyor but either built to run on a separate loop or running underneath the main line using twin levels.

The amount of material a pallet can hold is set by the pallet itself with 1200mm x 1000mm being the largest standard size, however, bespoke solutions can be created. The height of materials used on a pallet conveyor can almost be unlimited but standard heights within the industry are 1000mm and 1800m. The maximum weight used on a pallet conveyor is 1500kg per pallet.

Gravity Pallet Conveyor

The gravity version incorporates steel rollers fitted with high quality precision bearings mounted in robust angle side frames.

Powered Roller To Roller Chain Driven System

Powered pallet conveyors can be manufactured using two main types of conveying medium: roller conveyors and chain conveyors.

The powered version offers a roller to roller chain driven system which, with ‘sealed for life bearings’, gives an inherent low maintenance conveyor system. Flanged rollers for positive load guidance, turntables, chain transfers and transfer cars can be used to create a bespoke system.