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Mobile Vehicle Loaders

Mobile Vehicle Loaders

a. Static Booms

Mobile vehicle loaders are ideally suited for a range of applications, such as multiple locations or occasional use. Easily positioned by one operator, the unit can be moved to precisely where it is required. When not in use it can be stored safely out of the way.

b. Telescopic Booms

Available in two sizes, to suit up to 40’ trailers, the special continuous belt system allows loading or unloading to take place with constant adjustment of reach depth and working height inside the vehicle via operator push buttons on the boom end.

A vehicle loader is an automated materials handling system that is used to make vehicle loading and unloading quick and easy. It can either be specified for a fixed location or mobile, for maximum flexibility.

Being mobile means the loader is ideally suited to move around and load/unload from multiple locations. It can easily be positioned by operators so that they can work precisely where required and then safely store the vehicle loader when not in use.


A range of optional accessories is available which enhances the versatility of a boom loader.  These include a high level chassis and in-feed belt, powered traversing chassis