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Hanging Garment Racking

Hanging Garment Racking

For many years, LB Foster’s has manufactured its own garment racking system – Hook-In®. This has become a proven storage solution for both retail stockrooms and distribution warehouses alike.

Everything from small back of shop to large multi-tier warehouse facilities can be created. And, with the integration of conveyors, lighting and mezzanine floor elements, complete turnkey packages can be designed, manufactured and installed.

The two component Hook-In® system combines versatility with simplicity. By using hanging beams in appropriate sizes, a solid framework of racking can be created with dimensions to suit the individual customer’s requirements in terms of space, loading, height and product stored.

The system is ‘future proofed’ because it is very simple to add to, remove or modify a structure. Changes in everything from the dynamic product stored, layouts required and vertical height, to the number of floors or even the building housing the installation itself, can be accommodated.

Not only used for goods on hangar (GOH) storage, Hook-In® can be employed as an easily adjustable shelving system. All that is needed is the addition of chipboard, mesh or solid metal shelf panels supported by the cross rails.

Where space is very tight Hook-In® can also be fitted to mobile bases to maximise the use of the available space.