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Garment Loading/Unloading

Garment Loading/Unloading

Loading/unloading booms can be incorporated with either the trolley or slick rail systems. Single or double booms are utilised dependent on space and system requirements, whilst the length of projection into the vehicle can be adjusted to suit the application. To provide additional bracing, extensions larger than 4m incorporate an adjustable support.

Unloading of garments by telescopic boom

As the vehicle is unloaded, the telescopic boom is manually pulled into the vehicle to enable the operator to load the garments onto the rail or trolley at the working face. A double boom allows empty trolleys to be fed directly to the operator. Usually two operators will undertake this task – one loading the trolleys, the other taking them away and bringing empty trolleys to be loaded. Lights are positioned at the end of the boom to illuminate the inside of the container.