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Garment Conveyors

Garment Conveyors

Overhead Garment Trolley Rail

Used to transport garments and other stock in bulk, the trolley rail can be installed either by itself or as part of an integrated system with Hook-in® hanging garment conveyor racking or shelving. It is ideal for horizontal long distance runs and it can be run on an incline and decline.

Composed of a rail and trolley (jet) conveyor system using a range of bends and switch options, the overhead garment conveyor trolley rail provides a cost effective method of product transportation. The system is either power or manually driven, with combinations of manual and powered sections easily accommodated. In a multi-level environment, trolley rail is an effective method of transporting product to different levels.

Typically, the recommended maximum weight for loading a one metre long trolley is 50kg. The speed of the system will usually be set at 12 metres per minute – this can be adjusted for specific needs.

Slick Rail

Slick rail can be used either by itself or as part of an integrated system together with Hook-In® racking to provide cost efficient transportation for single goods on hanger (GOH) product. It is often used in garment processing and carton-to-hanger value-added operations.

Comprising a rail system with a range of bends and switch options, slick rail is manually operated. In a multi-level environment, it incorporates powered sections to raise garments to different floors.

Garment Elevator

This is a standalone conveyor used for incline or decline sections within a manual garment conveying system which moves trolleys or individual goods on hangers.

Garment elevators can provide a large amount of flexibility in warehouses particularly when mezzanine floors and elevated loading docks are used to store products on different levels.

The maximum load and speeds for the garment elevator are similar to those of a trolley conveyor in order to make integrating the two systems simple. Maximum load is 50kg/metre and the average speed is 12 metres per minute. A standard incline/decline angle is 30 degrees.