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Flexible Conveyors

Flexible Conveyors

Available in both gravity and powered versions, the flexible conveyor is a mobile, flexible and extendable conveyor.

It can be manipulated to create virtually any shape, including bends of up to 200 degrees, allowing the unit to reach exactly where required. Braked swivel castors enable it to be quickly and easily moved into position.

When not in use, the flexible conveyor closes down to less than half the extended length, making for easy storage.

The gravity version is available with either rollers (PVC or steel) or skatewheels, whilst the powered version combines all the advantages of the standard flexible model with the use of powered rollers to give fully controlled load movement.

With a range of widths from 300mm to 800mm as standard, a combination of lengths (a maximum length of 9.0m in one piece) and the ability to join units together to form longer runs, the flexible conveyor is a versatile solution to most conveying requirements.