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Chain Conveyors

Chain Conveyors

Normally floor mounted, a chain conveyor transports products from one place to another. It can handle extremely heavy products but usually only works in a horizontal straight line.

There are two main variations, a chain conveyor (with twin or triple chains) and a slat conveyor.

Twin or Triple Chain Conveyor

This has no tracking problems, is extremely durable and can handle heavy loads. It can be installed in a variety of lengths and widths depending on load type and weight.

Slat Conveyor

This has similar qualities but comes with the added benefit of the use of a variety of slats (fixed plates or bars fitted between the chains), to give it a good firm base compared to the twin or triple chain conveyor, meaning it can handle products more securely.

Chain On Edge Conveyor

A chain conveyor can be turned so that it runs on its side. This is known as a chain on edge conveyor. These can be extremely flexible systems and can be bespoke to any factory requirements.

Short sections of chain conveyors are often used as a chain transfer mechanism as part of a larger conveying system. These chain transfers are frequently installed to move totes or pallets at right angles from a roller conveyor or for moving pallets in a different orientation to a roller conveyor. Chain conveyors can also be used when the underside of a pallet is not suitable for rollers.