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Which conveyor is right for you?

Which conveyor is right for you?

May 29, 2015

With an infinite array of conveyor designs to choose from, making the right decision for your business can be a minefield.

Get the decision right and your business will enjoy significant gains in efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, it will reap rewards financially. Making the wrong choice though can mean disruption, unwarranted cost and massive missed opportunity.

Over the years we’ve worked with countless businesses, making sure their materials handling needs are met with bespoke, quality solutions that have a real and positive impact on their business outcomes.

Your requirements can be fully assessed by one of our expert professionals, at no charge at all. To offer an idea of what you might be looking at, however, here’s a brief low down on overhead conveyors and floor systems.

Overhead Conveyors

overhead conveyor

Powered Conveyor

There’s a diverse range of industries that rely heavily on overhead conveyors, from automotive to food and drink. Within this realm there are four main options to choose from:

• Power Conveyors
• Power and Free Conveyors
• Manual Conveyors
• Trolley Conveyor

Your decision, will be based on careful analysis of what products and materials you need to move, where you’ll be moving them to, and what processes will be carried out on them along the way.

Floor Conveyors

Floor conveyor example

Floor Conveyor

This is fundamentally an umbrella term for many of the conveyors you’ll find in global industry today.

One specific type of floor conveyor system and one of the most widely used is the belt conveyor. Made to measure, either curved or straight, they can be built to almost any configuration. They enable quick and easy transportation of individual or bulk items across a multitude of industries.

If it’s a need for speed that’s paramount in your business, you may be encouraged to consider the benefits of power roller conveyors. This cleverly engineered design offers momentum and accumulation.

Gravity conveyors, as their name suggests, use the energy of gravity for cost-efficiency and speed. With various specifications for this type, they may be perfect for your business, whether for smaller parts or more heavy-duty robust materials, such as metal or wood.

It’s good to talk

The fact is, your business is unique. There’s nobody else with the identical needs that you have. We’ve worked with countless businesses and, in partnership with them, have conducted detailed analysis of their criteria for conveyors – making sure we get it spot on every time.

We know what to assess and analyse about your business model and approach in order to get to the right decision – it’s all part of our process. We’ll get to grips with your requirement and ensure your business is on the best track possible with the correct materials handling solution.

What’s more, we know how businesses evolve and we pride ourselves on our positive customer experience. That’s why we endeavour to build a firm and lasting relationship with all our clients, so that when their systems need adapting, changing and expanding in the future, we are in the best position to make sure requirements are continually met.

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