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Manual paint line conveyors

April 7, 2015

A manual overhead conveyor from LB Foster provides an effective yet economical method of transporting product through paint processes. It is particularly suitable for medium to low throughput paint finishing lines.

The modular structure of our manual overheads means that they are simple to install and easily adaptable to suit an individual environment. There are an infinite number of designs available using vertical and horizontal bends, switches and merge junctions. Where required, powered sections can be seamlessly integrated into the manual overhead system to move product through pre-treatment or painting processes.

With individual trolley capacities from 45kg upwards and the opportunity to link trolleys together with load bars to significantly increase the weight capability of the conveyor; our overheads are powerful movers of material. To ease the loading and unloading process, lift and lower stations can be incorporated into the design.

As all trolley movements of a manual overhead are controlled by an operator, this type of conveyor is the ultimate low maintenance, environmentally-friendly solution for your paint line.

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