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Improving manufacturing efficiency through overhead conveyors

July 15, 2015

The pressure has never been greater to reduce costs to customers. Growth rates are declining – fact.  To make profit we need to bring down our expenditure, tighten up efficiency in our productivity, and reduce labour time and costs, so that we remain competitive.

Industry constantly evolves, those most successful at maximising returns continually analyse, assess and measure what they do, how they do it, and decipher any possibilities for improvement within these key aspects.

Being analytical about how you utilise equipment can make a massive impact. Ensuring you’ve got the best fit for the job will mean reducing time to improve productivity.

What does an overhead conveyor do?

Put simply, the overhead conveyor is a motorised suspended transportation system. It’s either a twin track or single track solution that can be used to move both light and heavy loads.

So, when are they most valuable?

The benefits of opting for overhead conveyors can be far-reaching for manufacturing businesses. If space is tight it’s a natural choice. The principle benefit of using an overhead system is the floor-space you’ll inevitably save as they utilise the open space above machines and people that’s usually unused.

Overhead conveyors also come into their own when it comes to problematic loads due to their shape, or toxicity if close to human contact. For instance, the overhead conveyor is often used in painting, where products can’t be handled by people.  It can carry the loads through harsh environments like caustic washers, spray or paint application booths, and very hot drying with minimal impact on the safety of the workforce.

Seem like a costly prospect?

Sure, profit margins are tight right now. But that’s why, more than ever, you need to fully assess each part of your production chain: Ask yourself, how could saving space and improving turnaround times improve the bottom line? Is our manufacturing facility future-fit? Is it running at its upmost level?

What’s my next step?

Getting a reputable company to design your system can result in a conveyor that conforms to the structure contours of your facility. As business evolves, it can easily be relocated or modified to add workstations.

With experts on-hand to advise customers, LB Foster are industry-leaders – and they’re on-hand to discuss and work alongside you, in order to assess what would be your perfect conveyor solution.

In order to optimise performance, monitor productivity, and improve all-round control in your facility, you’ll need a system that’s designed for your unique business needs, and one that seamlessly integrates and drives forward your overall productivity goals.

We produce a range of overhead conveyors, and with decades working with various customers we can assess your needs together to work out the solution that’ll bring you upmost return. We’ve a proven track record in the development of overhead systems – across industries.  Always ensuring we future-proof our designs by keeping up to date with the latest in technologies, businesses trust us to find the most cost effective and efficient solutions.

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