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Dana Traction Technologies

March 31, 2014

We have designed and installed a triple strand chain conveyor for the light vehicle drive line of Dana Traction Technologies Europe in Witton, Birmingham. The conveyor has been manufactured to continuously transport Jaguar rear axles away from the Dana assembly line to the company’s despatch area.

Dana is a world leader in the supply of quality automotive product solutions in four core areas of the vehicle – drivetrain, structural, sealing and thermal systems.

As the axles come off the assembly line they are placed, four at a time, into the dunnage which is supported on three rows of feet.  The conveyor has been specially constructed to support each row of feet on its own strand of chain.

A total of six dunnages, each weighing up to 750kgs, can be transported on the conveyor at one time.  The conveyor moves the plastic trays at a speed of 12 metres a minute and provides a 24 axle capacity buffer system at the unload position.

At the end of the line an audit check is made on each dunnage, the lid is fitted and then they are moved by forklift truck to a consolidation area where they are stacked four high and banded up ready for despatch.

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