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Conveyors for Painting

May 5, 2015

Many different industries have a paint processing area, ranging from the automotive and heavy plant manufacturing sectors to sign-making and radiator production.

Selecting the right type of conveyor to transport products through the various types of paint line depends on three simple criteria: the method used to apply paint – powder coating, wet spray or electro-coating; the size of the products to be painted – individual or batches and finally, the proposed speed of production.

Answers to these questions will determine how the productivity of your paint plant will benefit most from an overhead or floor mounted conveyor. Further investigation will establish if the chosen conveyor should be manual, powered, power and free or even an electrified monorail version.

Taking time to talk through your requirements with an experienced professional before you make any decisions costs nothing and is guaranteed to save you both time and money in the long-term. The experts at LB Foster Materials Handling pride themselves on providing well designed, quality manufactured solutions to maximise production and minimise overheads.

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