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Assembly Line Conveyors

January 8, 2015

The benefits of automation for your assembly line include a more efficient production process, a reduction in costs and an increase in profit.

Here at LB Foster, we have a wide range of experience in designing and building conveyors for a variety of production lines. Whether it is for small assembly lines or for vehicle production, LB Foster’s engineering team can design a completely bespoke solution for your facility.

Our previous projects include the Honda motor company, where we installed a continuously moving, inverted monorail conveyor for a dashboard sub assembly line at the UK manufacturing plant in Swindon.

Designed to transport new Honda dashboards around a 20 station assembly line, the conveyor has increased the process efficiency and reliability of the line. It is an enclosed track, equally pitched trolley conveyor, constructed to pull the 20 individual trolleys carrying the dashboards around the assembly line.

Being robust, the conveyor requires low maintenance which is important for long term efficiency. The conveyor is also future model proofed – to assemble a different dashboard they only need to make small changes to the jig to fit a new model.

Not only do we design and install assembly line conveyors but we also develop all the controls software for the systems. Our control systems are cost effective, simple to operate and reliable. With both our mechanical and electrical engineers based at our headquarters in Leicester, you can be assured that we have covered all the details when designing your assembly line conveyor system.

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