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Improving manufacturing efficiency through overhead conveyors

The pressure has never been greater to reduce costs to customers. Growth rates are declining – fact.  To make profit we need to bring down our expenditure, tighten up efficiency in our productivity, and reduce labour time and costs, so that we remain competitive. Industry constantly evolves, those most successful at maximising returns continually analyse, […]

Which conveyor is right for you?

Which conveyor is right for you?

With an infinite array of conveyor designs to choose from, making the right decision for your business can be a minefield. Get the decision right and your business will enjoy significant gains in efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, it will reap rewards financially. Making the wrong choice though can mean disruption, unwarranted cost and massive missed […]

Conveyors for Painting

Many different industries have a paint processing area, ranging from the automotive and heavy plant manufacturing sectors to sign-making and radiator production. Selecting the right type of conveyor to transport products through the various types of paint line depends on three simple criteria: the method used to apply paint – powder coating, wet spray or […]

Manual paint line conveyors

A manual overhead conveyor from LB Foster provides an effective yet economical method of transporting product through paint processes. It is particularly suitable for medium to low throughput paint finishing lines. The modular structure of our manual overheads means that they are simple to install and easily adaptable to suit an individual environment. There are […]

Power and Free Conveyors

A power and free overhead conveyor from LB Foster Materials Handling is a robust and reliable transportation system. Suitable for a variety of industries including manufacturing assembly lines, surface finishing or paint processing, this versatile conveyor boosts productivity by automating product flow. As the power and free system combines a drive chain track with a […]

LB Foster produces conveyor carriers for Worcester

The Worcester, Bosch Group is the market leader manufacturer of ‘A’ rated condensing boilers and renewable heating technologies for the home. When the manual conveyor system needed new carriers to suit new product models at the Worcester Bosch Group’s manufacturing plant, LB Foster Materials Handling was selected to deliver the project. By manufacturing 29 new […]

Assembly Line Conveyors

The benefits of automation for your assembly line include a more efficient production process, a reduction in costs and an increase in profit. Here at LB Foster, we have a wide range of experience in designing and building conveyors for a variety of production lines. Whether it is for small assembly lines or for vehicle […]

Overhead conveyors for the automotive industry

Many aspects of the automotive industry rely on overhead and floor conveyors to maximise operational efficiency, these include manufacturing, assembly lines, delivery systems and paint plants. Here at LB Foster Materials Handling in Leicester we handle a wide range of clients within the automotive and auto-component market. Our expertise lies in the design and manufacture […]

Overhead Conveyors for Powder Coating

Using an overhead conveyor to automatically carry parts through a powder coating line can significantly improve both production rates and efficiency. An overhead power and free conveyor from LB Foster Materials Handling is an ideal transportation system for this purpose. It is based on a twin track arrangement with the drive chain track mounted above […]

LB Foster makes £50,000 software investment

LB Foster Materials Handling has upgraded its computer-aided design (CAD) software from 2D to 3D. The £50,000 investment will be rolled out to several stations in various departments within the company’s facility. The new Solidworks 3D software package will enable LB Foster to create 3D graphical representations of project solutions throughout the design process. The […]