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Paint & Finishing Lines

Paint & Finishing Lines

LB Foster Materials Handling provides a wide range of conveyor systems for powder coating, wet spray, pre-treatment and electro-coating paint and finishing plants.

Conveyor types featured are overhead power and power and free using various sizes of bi-planar chain systems, I-Beam systems (with 458 or 678 drop forged chain) and, in specialist applications, electrified monorail conveyors, as well as simple un-powered track systems.

Our floor mounted conveyors include trolley systems, inverted power and free, together with special purpose applications. They are all available as indexing or slow process systems.

These systems are in use in a wide variety of industries where parts need some form of surface treatment. Industries including automotive, auto components, construction machinery, engine plant, profiled plates and sheet metalwork, valves, gas cylinders, aluminium treatment, aircraft components, office furniture and radiators.