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“Triumph Motorcycles produce some of the finest motorbikes in the world. It was a real feather in our caps to win this prestigious project.”
Gary Bale - Managing Director, LB Foster Materials Handling

At Hinckley Works, Triumph’s 550 strong workforce assembles 13 different models on the one line at the same time – depending on the order book and the customer’s specific requirements.

As the models can use anything up to 4000 components and with customers eagerly awaiting delivery, it is imperative that the production line runs smoothly. Following on from the successful installation of the conveyor production line by LB Foster in the previous factory, Triumph invited them to remove the existing conveyor from that factory and install it in its new building. The newly installed conveyor supports each individual bike which is attached to a cradle allowing easy access for all parts of the manufacturing process. 

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